EUD NavBoard
EUD NavBoard
EUD NavBoard
EUD NavBoard
EUD NavBoard

EUD NavBoard

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Color: Black

Meet the NavBoard, a cutting-edge accessory designed to bring convenience to your mobile experience. Tailored for the active user, this chest mount rig securely holds your Pixel 6 Pro Tactical, GoTAK EUD, or any other device, directly on your chest, keeping your phone easily accessible while your hands remain free. Whether you're navigating unfamiliar terrains using ATAK, cycling through the city, or engaged in high-impact activities, the NavBoard FlipLite ensures your device is safe, secure, and right where you need it. With its ergonomic design and durable build, the NavBoard FlipLite transcends conventional carrying solutions, offering you seamless accessibility without compromising on comfort or style. Unleash a new level of convenience with the NavBoard FlipLite.


The NavBoard FlipLite fits all of our EUD lineup.

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  • Offering enhanced durability and performance
  • Molded with impact modified Nylon
  • Case agnostic - fits smart devices up to 3.5” W x 6.75” L x 0.6875” with or without case
  • Enables users to utilize their preferred case
  • Adjustable friction hinge
  • Silicone smart device retention straps featuring internal ribbing to prevent the straps from peeling off the user’s smart device
  • Bungee lock auto-stows out of the way and does not interfere while using a smart device
  • Attaches to 4 x 2 MOLLE/PALS field via two mounting straps
  • Rapid donning / doffing
  • Integrated belly band slots