TAK 101

TAK 101

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Date: August 1 2023

Format: Live Online Course

Time: 12:00PM - 2:00PM

Jump into the world of advanced geospatial mapping and real-time data sharing with TAK 101, our comprehensive ATAK training course. This course is designed to give you a detailed understanding of the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) and its wide range of applications. Whether you're new to ATAK or looking to expand your knowledge, TAK 101 has got you covered.


Kickstart your journey with an introduction to ATAK and our company, GoTAK. Learn about the various use cases of ATAK, ranging from emergency response to tactical operations. Explore the vast array of plugins and integrations available, and understand the different hardware and services offered by GoTAK. Additionally, acquaint yourself with the different TAK server options to suit your specific needs.

Module 1: Communication and Collaboration

Dive into the core of ATAK - its communication and collaboration capabilities. Learn how to connect to a TAK server from various devices and platforms, including Android, iPhone, WinTAK, and browsers. Understand how to connect to GoKits and GoTAK servers and the mumble chat server. In addition, we'll also guide you on how to use ATAK offline over a mesh WLAN.

Module 2: External Sensors and Integrations

Discover the power of ATAK's external sensor integrations. Understand how ATAK interacts with tools like Meshtastic, GoTenna, AREDN, HAMMER, MANET, and SATCOM to provide advanced functionality and an enhanced user experience.

Module 3: Geospatial Awareness and Mapping

Immerse yourself in the world of geospatial mapping with ATAK. Learn how to effectively utilize ATAK's mapping features for improved situational awareness and resource management.

Module 4: Advanced TAK Features

Unlock the potential of ATAK with advanced features like the UAS Tool, TAK ICU, Larix Broadcaster, and Data Sync/Missions. With this module, take your ATAK operations to the next level.

Module 5: TAK Team Cloud Integration

Finally, learn about the advantages of TAK Team Cloud Integration. We'll discuss TAK team plan offerings and the benefits of having a cloud plan versus hardware. Get insights into the special features of integrating video feeds and operating data sync exclusively on TAK Team.

Enroll in TAK 101 and master the use of ATAK to drive operational success. Get ready to transform the way you navigate, communicate, and execute your operations with this game-changing tool.

If your team is training with ATAK or interested in using ATAK capabilities for your mission, Team Kits are fastest way to get connected with purpose built hardware.

Bring Any Device

Bring your own device to Team Stream! Connect iPhones, Androids, Browsers, Tablets and Desktops to your private and secure Team Stream TAK plan.

VIdeo Streaming

Watch video from security cameras, phones, external feeds, drones and more directly inside of ATAK.

UAS Control

Connect your UAS to Team Stream and let a remote operator take control or broadcast the video to your team across the world.

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