Beartooth MK II
Beartooth MK II

Beartooth MK II

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Off-Grid mesh network for ATAK and ITAK. Each order comes with a pair of 2. Beartooth is one of the only off-grid MANET devices you can purchase without a commercial band license. Direct integration with ATAK and all of our EUDs.

External Buttons & Connector
Power Switch
USB C connector for charging
Security - AES 256 Encryption
Low Probability of Detect, Low Probability of Intercept
Network 902 - 928 MHz ISM band with Frequency Hopping
Self-Forming and Self-Healing Mesh Network
Line of Sight Range of 30 Miles
Supports More Than 100 Meshed Nodes
Supports Up to 6 Hops
1W (30 dBm) Transmit Power
Works with Android and IOS devices using Bluetooth
Compatible with ATAK app for advance users

In the Box:

2 GoTAK Velcro Patches
2 Beartooth MK II Radios
USB A to C Charging Cables
Beartooth MK II ATAK Plugin