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TAK Team

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Team Size: 5
Duration: Monthly

TAK Team is an instantly deployable cloud based solution for teams and organizations that provides ATAK server capabilities and other integrated services such as voice and video. TAK Team is priced per month with maximum device limits. This is the easiest way to get going with ATAK, each instance includes a subdomain, video integration, VPN support, WebTAK and more! Fully compatible with Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows and Linux.

Get 2 months of TAK Team free when you sign up for a yearly service plan.

Yearly plans also include a free onboarding consultation.

Introducing our TAK Team Plans - a premium solution designed to empower your team with seamless communication and collaboration, fueling operational success in the most demanding situations. With TAK Team, you'll have instant access to the latest version of the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) and server, a leading-edge tool that has transformed the way teams navigate, communicate, and execute their operations.

TAK Team Plans provide immediate connectivity over encrypted channels, ensuring your communications remain secure, no matter where your mission takes you. With data security a top priority, our TAK Team Plans go beyond just encrypted text; voice and video feeds are also fully encrypted, safeguarding your operational integrity at all times.

 Our TAK Team Plans come with integrated voice and video capabilities, allowing your team to engage in real-time discussions, plan strategies, or debrief after an operation. No need for third-party apps; it's all included in your plan.

With the latest version of ATAK at your fingertips, you'll benefit from a wide range of features and updates. The geospatial mapping and real-time data sharing capabilities of ATAK will give your team unparalleled situational awareness, while its array of additional functionalities, such as marking points of interest and tracking team member locations, ensure effective resource management and coordination.

Choose our TAK Team Plans, and equip your team with a powerful toolset that boosts productivity, enhances communication, and drives mission success. Experience the future of team coordination and communication today with TAK Team by GoTAK.

If your team is training with ATAK or interested in using ATAK capabilities for your mission, Team Kits are fastest way to get connected with purpose built hardware.

Bring Any Device

Bring your own device to Team Stream! Connect iPhones, Androids, Browsers, Tablets and Desktops to your private and secure Team Stream TAK plan.

VIdeo Streaming

Watch video from security cameras, phones, external feeds, drones and more directly inside of ATAK.

UAS Control

Connect your UAS to Team Stream and let a remote operator take control or broadcast the video to your team across the world.

American Milsim uses Team Steam to support 600+ people at airsoft events across the country. Please contact us directly for large scale event pricing.