Pixel 8 Pro Tactical
Pixel 8 Pro Tactical
Pixel 8 Pro Tactical
Pixel 8 Pro Tactical

Loaded with the latest version of ATAK and Graphene OS.

Pixel 8 Pro Tactical

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Version: Pixel 8 Pro
Team Kit: Lone Wolf
Navboard: Tan

Introducing the P8P Tactical - Pixel 8 Pro Tactical , our premier EUD specially configured for privacy, security, and the versatility of open-source operation. This device is perfectly tailored to support applications like the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK), thanks to its choice of GrapheneOS renowned for their focus on privacy and robust security. The Pixel 7 Pro Tactical provides top-of-the-line smartphone features whilst ensuring that your data and communications remain confidential and secure. This makes it an exceptional choice for users who value both technological performance and digital privacy.

The P8T comes preloaded with the latest version ATAK, ATAK Plugins, Mumble, Zerotier, Session and other tools right at your fingertips.

The Pixel 8 Pro Tactical, as an Android device, offers the vast versatility and customization of Android's open ecosystem that is not available on iPhones. Its Android platform provides access to a wider array of tools, apps, and services. This is exemplified by the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK), a tool superior to its iOS counterpart, iTAK, in terms of feature set and user experience. With Pixel 8 Pro Tactical, you unlock the full potential of ATAK and other Android-exclusive tools.

Choose between the Pixel 7 Pro and the Pixel 8 Pro.


GrapheneOS is a privacy and security-focused mobile OS with Android app compatibility. This open-source OS focuses on providing advanced security features, and has a rigorous hardening process, making it less prone to security vulnerabilities. Ideal for individuals who need high-security assurance, GrapheneOS provides security-enhanced apps like the Auditor app for device integrity verification and the Vanadium browser for safe internet navigation. It's a no-frills OS, designed to offer a clean and streamlined experience without the inclusion of Google services.

Benefits Over Standard Smartphones

Using GrapheneOS over a traditional smartphone OS has several advantages:

  1. User Privacy: Graphene OS has a focus on privacy, reducing data collection and providing more control over data usage.
  2. Security: It offer enhanced security measures, lowering vulnerability to malware and other threats.
  3. Transparency: As open-source software, the codebase is publicly accessible for review, increasing trust through transparency.
  4. Control: These platforms provide user control over permissions, enabling customization of app access to data and features.
  5. Root: Unlock special tools only available on root enabled phones.

Remember that, while GrapheneOS is more secure and privacy-oriented, no system can guarantee 100% protection against all potential threats. Regular updates, strong unique pass-phrases, and vigilance when downloading and granting permissions to apps will significantly contribute to maintaining your digital security and privacy.

All P8P/P7P orders now include a navboard of your choice.

In the Kit

Per Kit:

- 1 Year GoTAK Cloud Server
- 1x Pelican Case (for 2 units+)
- 1x Device Cleaning Kit (for 3 units+)
- 1x Rugged Portable Battery (for 5 units+)
- 1x Rugged Portable Solar Charger (for 5 units+)

Per Device:

- 1x Navboard of your choice
- 1x USB C to USB C charging cable
- 1x GoTAK Velcro Patch
- 1x GoTAK Sticker
- 1x Screen Protector

Tech Specs

GoTAK Cloud

Order 2 or more in a Team Kit and get 1 year free of our TAK as a service platform: GoTAK Cloud Server. All devices will come pre-programmed with your private TAK server and admin credentials will be emailed to you. Unleash the power of ATAK just by turning on the EUD and opening ATAK. 

Off-Grid Mesh

Now offering out of the box off-grid comms using the Beartooth MK2. With up to 100 miles line of sight comms, you no longer need an active internet connection to use ATAK! Grid down is no longer a factor for your team connectivity with live mapping, tracking, voice and more!


Real-Time Tactical Mapping

With ATAK's real-time mapping and planning, teams can navigate the complex terrain with ease. Experience situational awareness like never before, as you see your and your teammates' locations updated live on your device and HQ. When you order a Team Kit with 3 or more devices, you get 1 year free of the GoTAK Cloud service.

Bring Any Device

When you order a Team Kit with 3 or more devices you can connect your iPhone, Android, Laptop or Tablet. As long as it has internet, you're in. All Team Kits come with a GoTAK Cloud server with a minimum of 10 simultaneous device connections.

Video & Voice

Watch video from security cameras, phones, external feeds, drones and more directly inside of ATAK. Voice over internet is also supported with our custom build of Mumla that enables Bluetooth PTT. All Team kits come with their own private mumble server for instant PTT voice all over the world.

Off-Grid Mesh

The Beartooth MK II allows for off-grid mesh networking between devices. Get live location data, share photos and utilize push to talk voice all without cellular, wifi or satellite!