The ultimate off-grid EUD


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Kit: Lone Wolf
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Introducing the GoTAK DMR, a fully capable, rugged ATAK EUD with a built in DMR radio! Our ATAK EUDs come preloaded with the latest version ATAK 4.9, ATAK Plugins, Mumble, Zerotier, Session and other tools right at your fingertips.

Order a Team Kit and get 1 year free of our TAK as a service platform: TAK Team. All devices will come pre-programmed with your private TAK server and admin credentials will be emailed to you. Unleash the power of ATAK just by turning on the EUD and opening ATAK. 

The EUD DMR comes unlocked and with full root support for advanced mobile operators as well as PTT button and DMR intercom app with support for both digital and analog modes. DMR messaging is included as well as encryption.

Keep the device ready to go in your bug out bag or other kits for a quickly deployed ATAK end user device.

This is great if your primary phone is an iPhone and you want to keep a powerful, secure, rugged android device in your kit.

Fully capable of drone integration with ATAK Go.

Voice over internet is also supported with our custom build of Mumla that enables Bluetooth PTT. All Team kits come with their own private mumble server for instant PTT voice all over the world. 

Note: CoT over DMR is not a functionality as of yet but we anticipate that capability. DMR is solely used for communication at this point. 


    • Root enabled
    • Android 13
    • Bluetooth PTT Integration
    • Bluetooth Comms Integration
    • External Hardware PTT (over 3.5mm)
    • Frequency Range: 400MHz-480MHz
    • Signal Distance: 3 Miles (in ideal terrain)
    • 256GB EMMC
    • Carrier unlocked
    • SDcard Slot
    • Dual Sim Card Slots
    • 16GB RAM with expansion
    • 10850 mAH battery
    • 50MP Camera
    • MIL-STD-810G
    • IP68/IP69K
    • Waterproof, dust proof
    • Works with gloves
    • 1.5m drop proof
    • 5.65" Screen
    • Programmable key
    • Fingerprint Unlock
    • Hardware PTT Button