GoTAK Server V2
GoTAK Server V2
GoTAK Server V2
GoTAK Server V2

GoTAK Server V2

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Storage: 128GB EMMC
Support: No

07/05/2023 - Now with 16G of RAM and 128/256GB EMMC

GoTAK Server is an embedded server running the latest version of TAK Server. Get a pre-programmed board delivered to you and skip the mess of the command line and confusing setup. This is the fastest way to get your own server up and running locally.

GoTAK Server is fully operational upon delivery just by connecting to power and ethernet, no more messing around with command lines and linux in order to enjoy ATAK.

GoTAK Server is superior to a raspberry pi as it has an embedded 128GB EMMC storage chip. This allows full operation without the worry of sdcard failure which is ultimately more reliable in many scenarios, it also has 16GB of RAM!

Root credentials are supplied with the unit allowing you to modify it in any which way. Out of the box it's running Ubuntu 22 and Docker.

Ships within 5-7 days of your order.

Capable of managing up to 100+ users locally or across the world through Zerotier or other VPN networks.

Support Plan gives you and your team untethered access to our experts, business hour support and a 1 on 1 consultation with our experienced team in getting your devices provisioned and setup for TAK Team. We can help you setup users, enroll iPhones, Android devices, WinTAK and more. Choose this option if you want to get your team equipped and onboarded rapidly. We are here to assist Monday through Friday 9-5PM, if you require a 24/7 SLA please contact us for additional pricing.

Tech Specs

SoC Rockchip RK3588S (8nm LP process)
CPU 8-core 64-bit processor
GPU Arm Mali-G610 MP4
Compatible with OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.2, OpenCL 2.2 and Vulkan 1.2
3D graphics engine and 2D graphics engine
NPU Built-in AI accelerator NPU with up to 6 TOPS, supports INT4/INT8/INT16 mixed operation
PMU RK806-1
Memory 128GB/256GB eMMC
MicroSD (TF) Card Slot
2x USB2.0
Type-C (USB3.1)
Video Output HDMI2.1, up to 8K@60Hz
DP1.4 (DisplayPort), maximum output resolution up to 8K@30Hz
2 * MIPI D-PHY TX 4Lane, configurable up to 4K @60Hz
Audio CODEC: ES8388
3.5mm headphone jack audio input/output
Input: Onboard MIC
Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
Expansion Port For extending UART, PWM, I2C, SPI, CAN and GPIO interfaces
Wi-Fi, BT module On-board Wi-Fi6+BT 5.0 module, Wi-Fi6 interface: PCIe, BT interface: PCM+UART
Button MaskROM key
Recovery key
On/Off key
Power Source Support Type-C power supply, 5V@4A
LED Power indicator: Red
Status indicator: Green
Debugging 3 Pin debug serial port (UART)
Supported OS Ubuntu 22.0