American Milsim LIBERTY

GoTAK Pass

American Milsim LIBERTY

Choose Your Team: CoST
Duration of Access: Single Event
  • OPERATION: Liberty
  • DATE: April 13-14, 2024
  • AO: Skirmish Paintball – Albrightsville, PA

As of Mach 2024 we will be donating the GoTAK Pass to all players on the CoST team at no charge. We encourage all players to use the latest in situational awareness tools and explore the benefits of ATAK for Airsoft provided by GoTAK.

Stay in sync on the battlefield using genuine military-grade tools like ATAK. Benefit from live mapping, video integration, drone capabilities, and accurate team positioning. Unlock advanced tactical strategies with battlefield markers, joint target missions, AO, zones, and much more to maximize your team's operational effectiveness!

Elevate your event experience with the GoTAK Pass, granting your team access to ATAK and iTAK over the event's duration. Compatible with all iPhone and Android devices, this pass ensures seamless connectivity via cellular or Wi-Fi. Visit our booth on Friday to quickly enroll your device into your team's private server.

Experience real-time tactical situational awareness with the GoTAK Pass at American Milsim. This service delivers critical data to your End User Device, compatible on both iPhone and Android via an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Choose the Year Pass for unlimited ATAK/iTAK Server access for your own unhindered use no matter if its hiking, training, airsoft or paintball.

*This is a FREE optional add-on. You are Required to first register at for the event.

With ATAK's real-time mapping and planning, teams can navigate the complex terrain with ease. Experience situational awareness like never before, as you see your and your teammates' locations updated live on your device and HQ.

Connect your iPhone, Android, Laptop or Tablet. As long as it has internet, you're in.

Watch video from security cameras, phones, external feeds, drones and more directly inside of ATAK. Use Mumble to securely voice chat with your team using push-to-talk.