Milsim Team Kit
Milsim Team Kit
Milsim Team Kit
Milsim Team Kit

Milsim Team Kit

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Team Size: 2
EUD: Lite

The Milsim Team kit comes with everything you need for a full situational awareness suite for use at any Milsim or airsoft event.

Hand out the devices to your team without having to do any provisioning or setup, just turn on, connect to network or add a sim card.

Included 1 year of Team Stream for all team members.

Each Team Kit comes with the following per team member:


GoTAK Watch


If your team is training with ATAK or interested in using ATAK capabilities for your mission, Team Stream is the fastest way to get connected without the need to purchase any additional hardware.

Bring Any Device

Bring your own device to Team Stream! Connect iPhones, Androids, Browsers, Tablets and Desktops to your private and secure Team Stream TAK plan.

VIdeo Streaming

Watch video from security cameras, phones, external feeds, drones and more directly inside of ATAK.

UAS Control

Connect your UAS to Team Stream and let a remote operator take control or broadcast the video to your team across the world.

American Milsim relies on GoTAK to support 600+ people at airsoft events across the country. Please contact us directly for large scale event pricing.